So after all the hype and sly hints, the newest (free!) Overwatch expansion is here: Uprising! – to find out who’ll serve you best on the War-torn London streets, read on – Only you can stop the Omnics! (If you don’t like clickbait, the tl;dr of this is Jesus do not pick Widowmaker)

So the Uprising expansion is finally out, bringing a bunch of skins, but more importantly (to some people, apparently) – there’s a new game mode!

Uprising is a new PvE (Players vs. Enemies) gamemode in which a crack team of Overwatch agents, guided by Strike Commander Morrison and Captain Amari, Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt and Mercy are asked with hacking 3 terminals in King’s Row, securing a payload, guiding it to it’s destination, then taking out the OR-14 resistance. Along the way we meet some of the players in the Omnic uprising, mainly newer ‘infantry-level’ robots but we’re also introduced to some old friends, OR-14’s are very similar to Overwatch’s newest hero, Orisa, and the sound of SC Morrison screaming ‘Watch out for those Bastions!’ is enough to strike fear into even the most careful of players.

By default the mode has you jumping in as the fearless foursome mentioned above, granting you a chance to use the new Overwatch Agent skins and some story-based dialogue, but once you’ve finished that, there’s the opportunity to try out the mode with any hero you like, once you’ve tried McCree and Widowmaker and died at the payload part, check out our top picks for the top heroes to use on Overwatch: Uprising!


Blizzard, believe it or not, are good at all the balancing of gamemodes and stuff, so it’s no surprise that a hero that they ‘force’ you to use on the default version of Uprising is one of the best, with his 2000hp shield, he’ll protect your team and gets more than enough downtime for it to recharge between attacks, his fire strike is useful for damaging large hordes in a single swoop, but his charge ability is where Rein gets his value: it’s invaluable for charging those pesky detonators away from the payload after the Widowmaker just freezes for not knowing what constitutes a headshot on those things.


As slightly twisted as it may seem, using an omnic against one of their own is by far one of the most effective choices for OW:U’s all heroes mode, his devastading amount of DPS coupled with the fact that you literally don’t need to move while you’re being attacked means that coupled with a Rein or an Orisa, Bastion is seriously dangerous, with his new Ironclad passive only making him that much more terrifying.


Despite her kinda being semi-half part-robotic or something, Sombra sure knows how to throw down on those Omnics, it takes some skill to nail the hacking of the enemies without getting damaged, but Sombra’s Translocator and invisibility are so so useful for getting her out of a tight spot (No Hanzo anywhere to take your head off while you’re invisible here), these, coupled with her hacking (which will stop anything in its tracks, but is particularly effective against Bastions and Detonators) will have the Omnics running all the way back to their den at Katya Volskaya’s place.


As above, The game chooses Mercy for you for a reason, and not just because she’s the best healer in any videogame, left click to win, ez. 

As a side note, her pistol makes surprisingly light work of the Slicers, and her Ultimate has gotten the Overmeme team out of more than a couple of sticky situations (Overmemeteam? Overmeamteme? Overteam?)


Maybe an obvious pick, but again, using the Omnics against one another is particularly effective and rewarding (and not just in a sadistic way), her ultimate ability is a godsend while defending that payload, her right-click can combine with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb or even Soldier: 76’s alternate fire for devastating effect. Orisa’s high rate of fire makes her a very impactful choice, but her placeable shield makes her a very effective alternative for Reinhardt, as she can place down her shield for protection while she revives a teammate, which, again, has saved the Overteammeme team of memes on more than a few occasions!

So there you have it, the total 100% objective factual best heroes you could ever pick for Overwatch: Uprising, we don’t tell you that you’re an idiot if you don’t run Bastion, Mercy, Sombra and then Reinhardt or Orisa, but that’s because we’re just being nice

(DISCLAIMER: over 95% of my hours are in mercy and I have no idea how to play this game)

Thanks for reading! – hope you liked it, and I hope your crush texts you back soon

Charlie K