Even though it’s been in the game a while, 3v3 elimination is still very popular for players looking for a slightly different challenge (and those hunting lootboxes) so it makes sense to at least pretend to know what you’re doing, right? – read on for the best heroes to see you right during a cold stay at Ecopoint: Antartica


Maybe an obvious choice for Mei to be dominant in her old stomping ground, but with such small teams, Mei’s ability to totally wall off heroes to isolate her with a weaker character, and her ability to freeze  heroes (relatively) easily makes her one to fear – her self-heal that also grants invulnerability will get you out of a few tights spots, too.

(also, it’s v cold and she’s got a really big jacket on)


Almost certainly the most popular hero in 3v3, Roadhog’s massive healthpool, coupled with a self-heal and a hook-scrap gun combo that spells disaster for most heroes he comes up against makes him an almost-guaranteed pick – combine with a Mercy and a Zarya for a practically unkillable monstrosity, Say bacon one more time.


While Dr. Ziegler is clearly more suited to the sunshine at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, her usefulness in 3v3 (when used properly) cannot be overstated, she can infinitely multiply the effectiveness of a McCree or a Widowmaker (who, otherwise, would have no way to regain health) and can also go a long way to supporting Roadhog to make him just about unstoppable, but what sets Mercy apart from her support counterparts is that when that enemy Roadhog does spill the blood of your teammates and chases you into spawn, you’re usually never more than a few Caduceus Blaster shots from wailing a morale-busting ‘Heroes never die!’ – giving your deceased teammates a second chance and firmly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

Soldier: 76

As with most of the picks on this list, Commander Morrison’s effectiveness is bolstered simply because he has a self-heal, providing pretty much a guaranteed win against anyone who doesn’t have a healer nearby and doesn’t have a self-heal of their own, in addition to this, Soldier: 76’s sprint can always get you out of a tricky spot, while his Helix Rockets will make light work of most heroes – if you don’t have a healer, Soldier: 76 is a must-pick DPS (though you should probably pick a healer, bud.)


I was unsure about including ‘the strongest woman in the world!’ on this list as she’s all but incapable of winning 1v1 fights against most heroes, but there’s no denying her lethality and protective abilities when used properly: Her shielding abilities are second-to-none for saving lives, especially in a game mode where Reinhardt and Roadhog are so prevalent (attacks with high amounts of damage, but with a second or so to react) – Zarya’s shields can single-handedly keep her teammates alive, with her own large health pool being half-shields, she’s no squishy!

Honourable mention: Bastion

Bastion’s deadly AND he has a self-heal, but the bottom line is that he’s extremely vulnerable in sentry form, and can’t move to get the drop on his enemies, you could protect him with a Reinhardt, but that’s another hero pick wasted (pick a Roadhog instead, and if you already have a Roadhog aswell, that means you’ve got no healer! ☹ )

So there you have it, the top heroes for 3v3 Elimination, looking at the heroes you’ll be up against, the heroes you’ll likely have on your team and what best fits the meta, paying special attention to things like healing – but feel free to pick Hanzo, Widow and Genji anyway.