Without further ado, here exactly what I got after opening them all:

  • Sprays: 69
  • Voice Lines: 45
  • Icons: 23
  • Victory Poses: 17
  • Emotes: 8
  • Highlight Intros: 5
  • Epic Skins: 3
  • Uprising Legendary Skins: 3 – Blackwatch Genji, Blackwatch McCree and Null Sector Orisa
  • Legendary Skins: 3
  • Coins: 1700
  • Special Mention: D.Va selfie highlight intro: 4

So what do these number mean? Nothing much really, I’m not a fancy statistician so I’ll just leave these numbers here for you to see in case you’d be wondering if buying 50 loot boxes is worth it. The reality is you’ll be getting very similar distribution in loot. As you can see, sprays are the most common loot, and everything else gets progressively more elusive.