Someone on the forum accused the OW team of pandering to the pro scene too much and not listening to ‘lower ranked’ players like diamond players (lol) – Jeff responded by saying that this (obviously) wasn’t the case, everyone’s feedback was taken in and not judged depending on rank (that is, everyone gets ignore equally then, I imagine?) – in all seriousness, places like forums (particularly Blizzard’s) can get overwhelmingly ‘busy’ at times and it can seem super hard to get your point across, but do rest assured that if you present an issue or valid point, it’ll be considered all the same just as much as anyone else’s.

In a painfully twisted segue from one point about the forums as an entity to another, there’s been a swarm of “””””controversy“”””” (editor you better leave those quotes and these brackets in) surrounding D.Va’s police skin, because you could give everyone $100 and people would complain about SOMETHING,  the forum post did have some highlights:

But the thread was mostly vitriol and hatred, I didn’t get around to reading most of it because it’s bollocks but our good friend Lylirra (who’s never been mentioned in one of these updates, and doesn’t get a funny nickname because I’ve no idea how to even pronounce that) tells everyone to shut up and play nice, and mentions that the Overwatch forums, bizarrely enough, aren’t the place to be talking about racism and trusting the police.

It’s a videogame skin guys, don’t make them ruin this like they did the Tracer ass pose dammit

D.Va Temporarily Removed

On the subject of D.Va, Blizzard finally got their way with the final D.Va nerf – she was removed from the game briefly this week, though she (unfortunately) returned very soon after (the was removed in relation to a bug that was crashing servers) – but expect them to find a similar “””””bug””””” (keep em) with Ana soon, too 😉

Sharing Highlights with Friends.

Jeff also stated that they have made significant progress on the ability to share highlights with friends, but still no ETA on that (the reason it’s not as simple as sharing a video is because highlights are stored as commands and the game literally redraws the entire thing every time you watch it, these wouldn’t work cause issues with updates, if a hero is nerfed to do less damage, they suddenly won’t kill that Pharah they killed for the PotG – tricky stuff!)

In addition to all this, there was also a general game update that introduced tweakable mouse smoothing settings so you can feel like you’re on CSGO (if buying the R8 and running out mid screaming ‘IT’S HIGH NOON’ doesn’t satisfy you). Also changed was point-capping mechanics, you can no longer win a point with less than 33% captured, read about that more in my article here

There were also a large amount of bug fixes and small tweaks, nothing too noticeable though, read about those in the patch notes here

No Ana nerf this time either… there’s some treacherous tomfoolery afoot

Hurry up and get back in the fight, those comp games aren’t gonna throw themselves!

Charlie K