D.Va’s of the Storm!


Blizzard just made up for every wrong they’ve ever done in a D.Va main’s eyes – check out why!

The rumor mill has been piping away for months, with leaks from data miners and gossip in the community, but today, Blizzard announced that D.Va’s coming to Heroes of the Storm! (that game you played for like a week last year to get Genji’s Oni skin) – You might be thinking ‘grr this is HotS news?? Why is this here?’ WELL there’s more good news, there’s an awesome new D.Va skin coming to Overwatch, and you can unlock it FREE, right now!

The new police-inspired Skin is completely free to anyone who completes the ‘Nexus Challenge’ – an event in Heroes of the Storm taking place over 3 weeks, playing 5 games with a friend in week 1 grants you a bunch of cool OW and HotS rewards (Mainly Genji’s ‘Oni’ skin if you missed it the first time round!), week 2’s reward for not raging out of 5 games with a friend is a bunch of D.va inspired loot. Finally week 3’s reward is simply 10 loot boxes in each of HotS and Overwatch with the entire challenge being inspired by the new HotS in-game event, which has an awesome cinematic in which they take on the OG lord of terror, Diablo! you can view that here

The D.Va related loot is never-before-stuff for HotS and OW players alike, and it won’t be here forever, so be sure to jump on it while you can!

Also, Genji and D.Va are both live RIGHT NOW in the newest Heroes of the Storm patch, they join Lucio, Tracer and Zarya to add to the ever-growing Overwatch contingent in Blizzard’s recently-rehauled MOBA – not a bunch is known right now about D.Vas play style, so why not run in there right now and learn a new hero? – you could be a D.Va main in 2 games!

Love, Charlie K