The Difference Between Grandmaster and Top 500 SUPPORT Players

KarQ covers in this video the difference between Grandmaster and Top 500 support players. the topicsĀ are: Mechanics: That means always landing your sleep darts, offensive biotic grenades,...

I Opened 56 Overwatch Uprising Loot Boxes and Here’s What I Got

Without further ado, here exactly what I got after opening them all: Sprays: 69 Voice Lines: 45 Icons: 23 Victory Poses: 17 Emotes: 8 Highlight Intros: 5 ...

The Ultimate Pharah Movement Guide: How to fly forever, fuel management & more

Welcome to the ultimate movement guide for Pharah. This video contains some Pharah gameplay which shows concussive blast techniques, tips and tricks - speed movements, how to...

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