Shimada Brothers

Hanzo’s bow draw time has been reduced by 10%, increasing his dps, and if he draws his bow then climbs up a wall, it remains charged as if those assholes playing Hanzo on 3v3 weren’t irritating enough to deal with (and as if he doesn’t need his hands to climb up the wall? What?) – both Genji and Hanzo have have their ’global’ cooldowns after climbing a wall removed, meaning they can now climb up something and immediately pop a solo ulti/scatter arrow into the opposing Mercy’s face.

Orisa’s Protective Barrier and Fusion Driver

Orisa’s damage has been reduced by 15% (thank god) and her barrier cooldown is reduced by 33% (from 12 seconds to 8 seconds) meaning you now have 8 seconds to take down that 900hp shield and damage orisa before she just places another one – also gives her more ability to block thing’s like D.Va’s Self-Destruct ability – I’m curious if the nerf to her damage is enough to compensate for that huge shield buff. – in addition to this, Orisa’s Fortify now correctly protects her from Lucio boops.

Reaper, Soldier:76 and Reinhardt Tweaks

When the resident edgelord who instantly locks in reaper scurries away in Wraith Form with his ghostly tail between his ghostly legs (or lack of) – his ammo is refilled. This is to give him more of a ‘’fighting chance’ against heroes he’s being chased by. 

Reinhardt’s Earthshatter now only affects heroes within 2 meters of Rein (height-wise) – so Mercy flying on by or Widowmaker on top of a 20-story building on the other side of the map will no longer by affected by Earthshatter.

Soldier:76’s primary fire damage gets decreased by 5% (20>19) – you’re still toast if you hear ‘I’ve got you in my sights..’ and you’re playing mercy anywhere closer than 50 miles to the enemy team though.

Along with those updates there were a series of bug fixes (nothing too important or it’d have been rushed out on the full game, right?) but it’s nice stuff like kill feed icons, making things look and sound correct during plays of the game,  that sort of thing – including Ana’s Biotic Grenade now correcting healing Winston when he’s using his ultimate… but it’s just natural selection if you die with 1000hp while using your ultimate imo.

People hosting custom games now have the ability to disable secondary fire in their games (yay?)

The last 2: “Fixed an issue causing asymmetry between pillars on the Ruins capture point on Ilios Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Watchpoint: Gibraltar”

The first one I didn’t even know about and I’m the kind of freak to pick up on it, and the second one has been an ‘issue’ for months and I don’t know why it wasn’t FAR more widely used.

GG Blizzard for this update, you can log in to the PTR server RIGHT NOW and test these (but remember, the PTR servers are in NA, so expect huge queue times and high ping if you’re playing from EU or anywhere else) – this update will likely make it to the live version of the game – providing nothing goes wrong – in the next week or so