Expand your Hero Pool

It’s a simple fact that you won’t always be matched with 5 people that like to play heroes that compliment you, and while you may feel more comfortable playing, say, McCree, a Pharah could really combine ultimates with that Zarya you have much better than McCree can – of course, an ideal situation is that everyone plays their preferred heroes and you all complement one another, but that’s simply not possible – 6 is recommended for comp (2 from each category) so you’ll always have a hero who isn’t taken, but this should be only a starting point, the more heroes you can play effectively, it’s obvious that you’ll have a higher change of getting a team that you can suit well! (don’t practice new heroes in comp though, that won’t help the climb).

Improve Communication

This is so obvious! – picking Pharah to match Zarya doesn’t make sense if you just pop off your ultimate the second you get it, communication is so important in all aspects of overwatch, from attacking plans and tactics, to simple ‘shield’s going down!’ from rein – a team who isn’t willing/able to communicate effectively is basically signing their own death warrant. If you have one of those super trash mics… just type if it’s easier, and don’t under any circumstances use an always open mic, use a push-to-talk! (Bonus tip: don’t be a prick to your team, playing vs six is hard enough, getting your team mad and playing against 11 is impossible).

Party Up!

To further from the above points, if you do play Pharah and get an awesome Zarya who’s a good communicator and you combine ultis well, why not add ‘em up? – if you really do think that you get stuck with a trash team all the time, that’s one less teammate you need to worry about, ‘cause the strongest woman in the world’s got your back – Agon po’ gotovnosti!

Take a Break

Sometimes you just have a rough patch, I won’t tell you that you’re bad, but come on, I’m expecting a medal – as stupid as it sounds, but afflictions like fatigue are just as real in eSports as they are in other sports – if you have a rough week in the game, take a little while off, play some Rocket League, if you’re a Genji main, catch up on some Bleach (anime) – if you’re a Widowmaker main, catch up on some bleach (liquid)

Pick a Shimada

As Hanzo and Genji, jump at a wall to climb it; It’s the only climbing you’ll do with them.

-Charlie ‘We Don’t Need 5 DPS’ Koncher