It’s been quite some time since we have a character’s backstory, Mei is rumored to be next, but I’m also rumored to be a good writer, so nothing’s out of the question at this point, but we’re long overdue another animated short, and with a new hero supposedly on the way, maybe one’s closer than we think!

An Anniversary Event

Overwatch turns 1 this month; Blizzard never does things in half measures, so expect the celebrations to be as extravagant as they are plentiful, Blizzard’s proud of their baby, and with anniversary loot boxes confirmed(!!!) – it’s just a matter of time to see what kind of items will be available, eeeee!!

Ana Nerf


Meta Shake-up

Overwatch takes enough leaves from League of Legends’ book to make up a small tree, and one fixture on the LoL calendar every year is the mid-season updates that often totally flip the meta, while Overwatch doesn’t need this, with the addition of a new hero after Orisa ended up not really filling the roll Blizzard had designated for her, it wouldn’t shock me if the end of this season bought some major changes (think: Symmetra buffs) to a few heroes, just to keep everything fresh


Contrary to the above point, Blizzard also know they’ve got a working concept, bi-monthly events, a (relatively) well balanced game (remove Genji and we’ll talk) – unless they couldn’t add a new hero without changing something drastically, there’s no reason to not just leave things as they are, Blizzard are in a unique position where they can keep up with cranking out event skins (that are purely cosmetic and don’t require balancing etc) and keep the community happy, there’s not REALLY much of an incentive to change it, like Counter-Strike, but a ‘do something sometimes’ approach rather than a ‘we have devs?’ approach

Hope you enjoyed reading 5 things you can probably expect in the future (well, 4 things to expect and one certainty, that Ana nerf’s coming) – if you super super disagree with this list, find me on twitter and challenge me to a fight or something

-Charlie ‘it might not have devs but I do prefer CS:GO matchmaking’ Koncher